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        藍芯科技 藍芯科技
        Auto Parts Industry
        Visual Guide crankshaft loading and unloading
        In a production process in Hubei Province, there is a high-frequency crankshaft material handling work. While workers are finishing the materials, they need to put the materials together by man, which takes up a large amount of time and power. This will also case insufficient material on production line or accumulation of goods.
        Using Lanxin Technology 3D vision grasping system, the robot can accurately identify irregular and heavily stacked metal crankshaft, and guide the robot arm to grasp and place codes efficiently and stably.
        Visual system
        Including Intelligent camera hardware, industrial computer, mouse, keyboard and supporting software.
        Industrial robot mechanism and other integrated parts
        Support for IP. TCP Communication Protocol.
        The client of this project wants robot No. 1 to grab the tightly stacked metal crankshaft from the material frame and put it on another material frame.

        1、High-precision, anti-reflective 3D vision capture system is used to get high-quality 3d point cloud data to the crankshaft which is very complex and stacked layer by layer.

        2、The self-developed intelligent grasping algorithm can guide the robot to find the appropriate grasping position and avoid grasping slipping and so on.

        • The structure of metal crankshaft is complex;
        • There is a certain amount of reflection on the surface;
        • The incoming material is stacked heavily;
        Support all major brands of robots.
        Pixel Height
        1920 x 1200 pixels.
        High level of protection
        Can deal with dust, vibration and other harsh environment.
        Industrial Grade
        High speed, high accuracy, wide field of view.
        Reducing the labor force
        Greatly reduce the degree of labor and Labor.