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        藍芯科技 藍芯科技
        Pharmaceutical industry
        A big pharmaceutical company, sorting drugs
        It is hoped that visual automation will solve the problem of manual sorting of drugs that need to be sorted out in disorder by a large pharmaceutical company.
        Through 3D vision, the problem of recognition and location of drugs stacked in random and disorderly is solved. Ai Intelligent analysis of the matching algorithm can be used to solve the various shape size of the object identification location.
        Visual system
        Including Smart Camera Hardware, industrial computer, mouse, keyboard and supporting software.
        Manipulator mechanism and other integrated parts
        Support for IP. TCP Communication Protocol.
        The 3D vision localization system can identify targets fast and accurate, which is connected with the intelligent control module and controlled by the intelligent control module.
        1. Flexible positioning of objects through 3D vision posisitioning system.

        2. The 3D vision localization system has theRapid modeling,Easy to add new products.

        3. rapid modeling, complete the introduction of new products, easy to operate; Simple geometric object can be positioned and grasped without modeling.

        • Unordered and stacked.
        • High pace of sorting small object and high accuracy demand.
        Acquisition time < 0.4 S.
        High precision
        Maximum point cloud accuracy 0.02 mm.
        Intelligent path planning
        Al analysis algorithm for optimal grasping path planning and anti-collision design.
        High adaptability
        To meet the demands of a hostile environment.
        Rapid identification
        The frame rate of the static object is 60 hz.